Friday, March 21, 2008

Cats in the House

Can anyone not like cats but like drawing them? Pretty weird.
Pen and ink and crayons.
11" by 15.5" on handmade paper.


Bondhu said...

Lovely colour palette.

aindri said...

I AM IN LOVE WITH YOUR WORK!! WOW! I DINT GET THE OPPORTUNITY TO SEE IT WHILE AT NID, THE COLORS ARE BRILLIANT! sorry about the capslock.i thought lower case would completely undermine at how awestruck i am!
r u still doing illustrations?

Kavita Arvind said...

heh heh!! aindri!! thank you sooo much! i am much flattered. quit my job about two months back and have taken up the brushes and i am loving every minute! i am trying to paint everyday!

Kavita Arvind said...

and priyankar! thanks da!!

SooSixty said...

love the cats! and thanks for visiting my blog! TC, sunandini