Thursday, February 14, 2008

Tree of Life: Three

Third and last in the series. I re-drew and painted one of my earlier drawings. Loved doing the dots, used ear-buds for them. I like busy looking drawings with lots of textures and colours.


Mandakini said...

I absolutely love this series that you're doing :) the klimt inspiration translated into the art work rather beautifully in the earlier art work and you managed to make it your own!
and did someone mention an exhibit of your work? definitely a good idea !

also 'chidiya in urban setting' might be a fun theme to work on.

Kavita Arvind said...

sounds like fun! thanks for the super idea! will try that!

Roy said...

this one is my new desktop wall paper :)

Kavita Arvind said...

:)thats nice!

Bhavna said...

Love this Tree of Life!

Stumbled to your blog via Masala Chai. Really enjoyed looking through your sketches/art.

P.S: It would be lovely if you could convert your illustrations into prints/posters, and maybe put them up on Trunkt/Etsy :-).

Kavita Arvind said...

thanks bhavna! will take a look at that! but the core idea of my work is one of a kind, hand done art work with no reproduction!! no copies!