Thursday, January 24, 2008

Chidiya Udd

Been toying with an idea. It is called 'Chidiya Udd' meaning 'fly away bird'. I am trying to give some identity and perspective to the kind of work I would like to do. Well, the idea is to do work that deals essentially with the girl child. Stories, art, publications, photo essays and more. I think that the art should be done entirely and only by hand. While I form a clearer idea of 'Chidiya Udd', here are some explorations for some sort of a logo/identity.

I am happy with the form of the bird, its derived from the form of the common sparrow. I prefer the vertical, thinner format myself.
I have just bunged the text it, haven't worked on the fonts or placement yet. I also need a better line than, 'art & stories'.
Of course there will be more information on the card. But I could use the back for that and leave the illustration unhindered. I need some direction on which one to work further on.
So if there are any kindly souls who read this post, do let me know what you think.


mathatheist said...

Hey teacher,

Love the horizontal format, but like the perspective and the kind of work done on the birds in the vertical option. (so much for making your life simpler. :))

As for the info, yes, it'd have to be at the back of the card. The line I will think about.

Kavita Arvind said...

thanks a ton! but i am still confused...!

shilpa das said...

lovely birds kavita. and a clever title. :) am loving it!

The Speaking Oak said...

surely taken off... inspiring!

Aravind said...

Both are good. But my first impression analitically:

Vertical one:
Two birds are already flying with the coloured one (leader?) above. One just lookig up quizically at the birds which are already in the air. The last one seems uninterested. This goes well with the title and seems more appropriate.

Horizontal one: Only the coloured bird (the leader?) is up and all othere seem uninterested. So plural of CHIDIYA might be better. But in general, it gives a neagtive notation. Besides, the picture seems flat.

So my preference would be the Verical One. It gives a positive and cheereful message. Pleasing too.

Since it meant for girl child, why not bring the idea on the cover itself - along with "Art & Stories"? Like "Art & Stories for (of) the Girl Child". But in "Arts & Stories" itself the rhyme seems missing. So pl consider another which rings the bell sweetly.

Over all impressed. Wish you all the best.

Kavita Arvind said...

thank you so much pa! that really helped! great feedback!

Roy said...

"Dont follow the herd, be yourself"
that is the feeling that comes across to me.

How about mixing english and hindi fonts to come up with a new font...

The name is perfect... "Chidiya Udd"

Roy said...

have a look here for the Chidiya Udi animation... jus an idea... it may help you make soem banner for your site

Mandakini said...

Absolutely adore the birdie!! completely and utterly lovable. The vertical format gives more credence to the idea of flight and freedom. More space to imagine the little thing flying away. Chidiya Ud of course reminded me of the inane but entertaining game we used to play.....tota ud! maina ud! :D good luck!

Kavita Arvind said...

thanks reena and mandakini!!

Bondhu said...

There's no better combination than red black and white....loved the horizontal format and the fact that its a little oblique...and the cause i think is great too...still in Indian the word "girl" brings a lot of anxiety to parent's face and dirt on men's mind...!!!

Prasangam said...